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The Mogollon Sporting Association, Arizona Game and Fish Department and the Forest Service received some really good news recently with the donation of Bentonite material which is essential for water catchment project throughout Rim Country. For years Bentonite has been used by wildlife managers, conservationists and ranchers as a way to retain water in catchment tanks throughout Rim Country. Most of the terrain within the State is more solidly compacted or has a higher clay content and therefore holds water for long periods. The Granular or loose dirt make-up of a lot of Rim Country soil allows water to drain from the tanks rendering them useless to wildlife and cattle within just a few days after a rainfall or run-off. An application of Bentonite to the base of a water catchment "drinker" will seal the bottom of the catchment area and keep the water accessible to wildlife for a longer period and in some cases where there is a stream run-off, the it can become a permanent water source for wildlife.

James Goughnour, President of the Mogollon Sporting Association expressed his gratitude to everyone that contributed and personally thanked the Arizona Deer Association President, John Koleszar and the Arizona Elk Society President, Steve Clark for contributing equally with the MSA to pay for the transportation costs. "This project is bigger than any one of our organizations. I am proud that the MSA has, over the years, distinguished itself as a conservation organization leader throughout Rim Country. This new Bentonite project will continue that tradition by contributing to Rim Country conservation efforts and game management for years to come."

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Connor Catchment completed 4/24/2011 thanks to AGFD & volunteers from MSA, ADA & AES!

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